Teacher don't you see?


Please don’t let us choose our groups,

no one wants to be with me,

teacher don’t you see?


I am always the odd one out.
I look around,

no one to be found

looking at me,

teacher don’t you see?


I am invisible to them all.

The cute boy over there?

Oh man it just isn’t fair

that he will never talk to me,

teacher don’t you see?


I am smart,

really I am.
My past is rough,

but no one knows.

I don’t have a best friend,

three years since,

since it happened.


Only me.

Teacher, don’t you see?


So all I ask is you pair us up,

spare me the pain, please,

of having not a partner in class.

School is already hard enough.

So teacher, don’t you see

what it’s like to be me?


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