The Teacher



I am open in my mind,

open in my soul,

I am open out loud but you don’t really know me.

In my heart it means much more to me.

I’m glad that you were there.

I am glad that you said you cared,

because I believe you did.

You helped me create a world that wasn’t my own.

You related to me, you gave me an escape.

You gave me a journal for the times I couldn’t escape my own life.

You said I was stronger then a lot of people but I didn’t feel that way.

My dad left us.

He just left me and my mom…

I see him but he is not the same.

Or maybe the person I saw was never him?

He was living another life.

I’m sorry I did badly in class, it was hard to concentrate.

The only thing I cared about was Agriculture, sheep.

They were my escape, my passion, my love

 And you knew that, but I feel when I did bad, you were ashamed.

I knew you for but a year, but you had a huge impact on me.

I miss you a bunch,

Thank you.


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