To Teach A Teacher

I stare at these blank dirt encrusted walls,Learning more from them than I learned from you.You stare at me with your judgmental eyes,I stare at the wall and see what my future holds.The wall is blank.You don't teach me but I ensure I can teach you.I'm not prepared for anything outside these walls.They let me see my escapeYet they hold me back from the outside world.Instead of these blank walls I now see bars.These bars prevent my imagination from reaching othersand the only person between me and these bars,Is you.You never encouraged escape.You taught me to believe what you do, Talk as you do,Be who you are.But I'm not your puppet.I'm not speaking out to provide a show for the rest of the classI'm speaking out because I'm outspoken.I speak my mind and I hope you don't mindBut I am who I choose to be.But with all that you "teach" I don't know who that is.I'm "learning" what I don't need to knowHowever I'll make you a deal.I'll add half a cup of Pythagorean theorem, Stir in some geometric proofs,And top it off with IR O N I C from my collection of elementsTo bake you a disappointing cake.You tell me it's lacking in taste And I couldn't agree more.I wasn't taught to bakeEven though that's my life dream.I was taught these aspects of school that resemble These specs of dust upon the blank white walls.My unexpressed thoughts are the blank wallsAnd these teachings have built upon me.I've become an unstable structureThat stands to soon fall.I'm as fragile and defenseless as a childHowever I'm aged and valuable to society.As the debris builds upon me I slowly fall further from my goals.I haven't obtained a foundation I need.I have learned what you wanted me to learnBut I'm not you.I don't tell you who to be.I'm not able to teach you.Even though I just taught you. 


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