te horen

we've all heard those words "speak what you believe, no matter what"

in the world of school, work, facebook, twitter

you can't always speak what you believe

most of these people will call you out and say

you’re wrong

don’t  say that

kill yourself

shut up

keep your opinion to yourself

so how can we speak what we believe when we’re told every day that we can’t?


we all write for different reasons

a friend, a lover, a parent, yourself

regardless of whom you write for, you just want someone to listen

because we're all so tired of getting put down and shut out

we all need someone to hear what we're saying, but not judge

so many people turn to self-hatred and drinking and drugs and crying and self-harm

when in reality, we can all be poets

you don't need to be published in some book or win a stupid award

you just need to be heard

all we ever need is to be heard


Need to talk?

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