Tue, 06/26/2018 - 21:02 -- MJCL94

People don't see the importance of self-tax

Instead, they see anyone and become lax

They don't pay attention to the signs you need

They become one with the Devil's creed


You see this happen everyday

With the same guys who'd get no play

From the girls you know in your hood

But if she knew better, maybe she would 


Maybe, could, should, would is always the go-to

Without comtemplating long on the "what to do"

There is nothing one can do without consent

It's investing money where it's not meant 


The truth is, this originates from the beginnings of life

Not everyone receives honey and milk; many see strife

Many see the abuse, disrespect, lying, cheating on a daily basis

Girls think this cycle of behavior is their chosen oasis 


And instead of being able to see past the mess

They think it's worth their time and want to bless

Themselves with someone just like their past

Knowing damn well they probably won't last


Knowing damn well that they do deserve better

But what's hail and high winds in this bad weather? 

What does true love mean when all you see is pain

Thinking anything else would make you insane 


The truth is, in reality, we all deserve love

We deserve to be treated well and above

We have to be whole ourselves before another comes along

If not, you'll be singing your same old ill fated song 


Concerning your value, make sure you invest 

Or you will end up like the rest 

Don't forget your tax and forget your worth

You don't want your crown and throne to be upserped 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world




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