our skin is a tattoo itself
so why get tattoos and worry about all the money and wealth
Where the niaour pass momries
Tattoos e the bnding ofur sprits not free
I was out hot and sweaty I picked five hundred pounds of cotton and when I
stopped  I thought I  would  be fully forgotten but he came on his horse and I felt a lash
and I heard  a  whip and  I  fell down and my heart beat did a skip
I saw my blood splatter,  I heard my inter thoughts scream
I fell down to my knees and wondering why me?
I heard a laugh and   I heard a  whisper
I hope she doesn't  die tonight  Oh Mr!
im smart and im talentive but mr. slave master tells me no your not nigger my heart screams for life and soul hopes i will survive
i thought about jumping off a clif and persuing another
is it the color of my skin that youre afraid of?
the color of my vains?
the way i move thats makes you ashamed?
the color of my eyes?
my face structure?
my heart that lyes deep inside the people that tell me that i have a powerful mind you beat me down but still i stand the bruises the hits
i just dont understand , you are black too underneath the layers of skin
a black soul lyes inside of you
if im so hated ,so unwanted why are millions of other races trying to be like me?
why talk like me if im uneducated?
why respect me if im the scrum beneath your shoes?
the dirty air you breathe in because you cant choose?
if im so dump ,so untalentive then why do you have me work for you?
if im the dirt on the ground then your powder-white trash I HATE YOU!
you make me wanna scream at the top of my lungs it HURTS BUT I WONT FIGHT YOU SUCK ANYWAY you make me wanna die right when i open my eyes
then i think ...keep on fighting dont give up dont let that demon drive you away
smile inside because one day they'll be our slaves anyway!



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