A Taste


Lost, Alone, Silenced for too long

Wishing to be Free, but Held in place

by Heavy chains of Sorrow, Afraid to have a Voice,

afraid to Feel, to feel Loved, Wanted, and Needed.

Lost, Alone, Silenced for too long,

Fighting with all my might to be free

Yelling, Shouting, wanting Someone

Anyone to hear me

feeling Excitement at this Treatury

feeling Exilerated to have Tasted freedom,

needed by someone,

Oh What a Joy!


The door, my Prison door,

it closes Shut with a loud Thud.

the Chains tighten,

my breath catches in my throat,

my heart slows to a stop,

the darkness pulls me into

a cold nothingness hug

and down I fall 




until I cease to be

cease to be Remembered

gone forever

never to return...

it was only a taste

but only a taste

is enough

to kill...



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