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One day when I got home,
I rushed to get inside,
for I had heard some bad news,
that some kid may have died.

They said it was a little girl,
that had been on her bike,
then a guy went up and grabbed her,
They thought his name was Mike.

I heard them say the bike was red,
with a little basket,
it also had little flowers,
blue to match her casket.

A man had said he saw the whole thing,
And he was scared to death,
But one thing he could remember
is he shot her arm with meth.

When the girl had fallen,
he carried her to his truck,
then he drove away,
his trunk all full with muck.

The news repeated this over again,
and it was hard to hear,
I’m also still not over it,
and it's been one whole year.

Why did he have to take her,
My little girl was 8.
He didn't have to kill her,
cause it would also ruin my fate.

We later found out he messed with her,
in a really bad way,
and took her to the forest
just to let her lay.

She was out there all alone
wearing nothing but socks,
about an hour later
He came to finish things off.

She took a shot to her head,
she did not have a chance,
she also got a little beat up,
Why oh why my Tance?

It took 2 days to find her body,
but they needed to know it was her
I was the only one they would let see
so when I saw her I was sure.

I cried for days
not believing my little girl had died
and I was very sad
that she was scared to try.

After about 3 months had gone,
they gave up on finding Mike,
but then all of a sudden
they found another empty bike.

This time the police caught him,
so now I have to say,
now that the little girl is safe,
Mike can be put away.

He admitted to taking my little Tance,
and now he gets to be the one
that doesn't have a chance.

My little girl will be remembered
As the girl that had no chance,
she will be forever loved,
my little girl, Tance.



This was my first ever poem that was chosen for publication in a book!

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