I am no animal, the fangs you claim to see when you look at me are just a part of your imagination 

I am not a dragon who breaths fire, I should not be caged just because you can’t understand me

My hair, my lashes, my brows. They are mine not yours 

They don't have to be tamed

The words you speak cut deep. You can't see the bars you put around me when you say that word.


I must look like an animal to you. Is that why you say I must tame my hair

I must train it to look a certain way. I must constrict it to be accepted. I must tame it because it looks different

I will not tame something that cannot speak for itself, does not have the words to defend itself

I am the one who must make that choice

No more tight styles no more pulling and tugging 

It is not something that should be tamed and locked away, it is a part of me and it will stay that way

I am no wild beast. And I will not be 


This poem is about: 
My community


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