Talking to myself

Mon, 04/20/2020 - 16:41 -- Melaisa

I tried, I couldn't stop the fact I didn't want me or, anybody anfact I never need any help, but maybe I can tell you nothin. You read my mind what time is it I know you know more than me so let me and you ask us something are we ready, time goes by fast huh? Are you gonna ask me or, not I don't care, so do you know me? I guess not, so you have a brain use it I dare you to, don't play we the same person inside and outside. Today weregoing to get glasses so we can get to see our brains again. You need to leave so I can walk out don't stand their looking at your watch I'm not leaving you are and, don't try to tell me to stay. So you don't know me? Do you, not at all. I know you know all you care about is yourself and time again I let you and, and I'm disappointed in myself.




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