Tales of an unborn child

l never begged to be here,
nature brought me and now am here.
I was happy though knew nothing,
My only cry was from pains waiting for five to be subtracted from fourteen.
Who l was gon be l never knew,
still l was breathing waiting for that touch of morning dew.
I only heard the voice of mama,
She was always crying l guessed it was normal.
I would wait patiently till l get all l need to be in this cruel world.
I needed a leg to help me carry problems in this world,my ears so that l can listen to mama and know her pains.
I would use my hands putting so much effort to make sure it all ends.
Three weeks, oh!!! am am growing.
I was looking forward to seeing my mama's face soon glowing.
It was morning and l was happy and up,I needed her to know so l made her throw up.
There she goes again, she was sad.
I felt something hit me;oh pills! it was so hard.
I started losing form,oh what have l done.
I wanted to know but within seconds l was just blood and gone.
Mama l love you even when u have choosen this path.
Am going to wait somewhere l know not till we meet never to part.

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Our world
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