Tales Of A Broken Man

It's hard for him to see himself  to channel his value, recognize his internal wealth. Heart bound in chains he won't accept a change for it scares him. So it's held hostage for it's been beaten and abused, left him feeling subdued. 

But he would rather make THIS mistake and be depressed than to open the door... he feels to another heartbreak. 

Mind tells him to go with his head, but being misled is what he's doing....choosing this way because it's safe. Unable to... to trust, filled with disgust from the events of his past. Won't accept the fact that he can't trust himself, frightened that he'll make the wrong decisions while seeing visions of a prosperous future. But thinking it's a far fetched dream.

He'd rather hold strife and anguish within, instead of making a mends... with his past. 

Cast out all self afflictions but he won't listen tormented by his own constitutions.

          You are who you choose to be

Instead of running with fear, put your feet in gear for the long journey ahead. 

He must understand until you fix the brokenness from present back to start.... You will travel through life leaving behind a trail of destruction and broken hearts. 

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