A Tale Unborn

She was moving, tossing, and turning as the hours go past all through the night "CLICK" bathroom light. Rush, she gets on her knees what's this pain i'm feeling she begs god please something i cant deal with.

Did he know, i know i didn't, do i ask him no.  Sat down and think, what's wrong with me? Friend's weeks late, scared and paranoid, she buys one. Got the expected not wanted answer. Who do i tell what do i do where do i go to. She told herself you think this through, opinions mess with ya head but how can you live if ya baby is dead?

Consulted best friend he say supportive or serious, or is this girl delirious cause am i really hearing this? Girl you keep this seed and he who plant this weed you let him know, he mad and so?

She know she can't do this or go through with it needles and pills same both kill. This pain is unbearable physical and emotional she needs it handled immediately. Her heart stops, the pain slips, it's all a drift, she handled her business. Bathroom to bathroom minute after minute did it go while sitting?

 I wanna start screaming pull the trigger gun to my head 3 piece lead boom clock and i'm dead. But no bullets. You tell no mom, dad, not sister brother or cousin or the one you was loving no nothing.

 Best friend didn't like it still stuck by her side, also grateful she's alive, maybe he even cried. She got herself through it, she smiles real big may still be hurt but looks like joy, still thinks to herself how could you kill your baby boy.  


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