A Tale of Infatuation


I can feel it burn my heart,

With every beat,I breathe in and out,

With every beat, a bead of sweat leaves my brow.

You smile at me and tuck a strand of the night behind your pale ear.

I yearn to nuzzle you, to fall deep within your soft brown eyes.

The deep and pulsing brown that drowns me, 

That stills my mind,

That burns my heart more so.

I wish to run my small, pale slivers of fingers,

over your furrowed brow,

And milky white face.

You look at me, your pupil widening, 

My heart beating all the more quickly.

Say Something.


And as if you can hear my deep eternal wishes, your soft pink lips quiver,

They rock my heart,

I hear your honey like voice slowly say, with such softness and beauty,


And my heart just explodes.

My feels drape the room like blood upon a crime scene.

I am intertwined with you,

You and I are one now, leaning all the more closer.

Your face tints red

With Anger?


Like the very sun upon a cold winter season,

You are gone.

You leave me in utter coldness and bittersweet memories, yet I treasure them.

Sinking deeper within this intoxicating infatuation.



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