Taking a stand!

If I had a choice, I'd change the bullying.

Thousands of people think of commiting suicide because of the tears they shed and the fear of being bullied again. 

Sadly, Many of them do. 

No matter what gender, religion, weight, height, sexuality... NO ONE should go through each day living in fear of what might happen next. Or if they will make the day out alive.

It's tragic that we live in such a World where bullying is an everyday occurence.

How would you feel being bullied?

As a victim of harsh bullying myself, I stand up for those living through hell everyday... It will get better. I stand for those who tragically didn't make it out of bullying alive. 

If I could change bullies minds of why NOT to bully, I would do it for every victim.

So I ask everyone, to take a stand and help make a change...


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Need to talk?

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