Taking Someone's Soul


She's playing with her

Friend and no one else is there

As she's sitting on the bed

He starts to play with her hair


He goes for her neck

And she jumps to his touch

But before she can talk

His hand makes her hush


He proceeds to tell her

"It's a game we will play

Just listen to me

And everything will be okay"


She's known him all her life

So she easily believes him

And he takes her head down

And guides it to please him


As she is done

He proceeds to take off her pants

And he gets angry

When she tries to stop his hands


He throws her on the bed

And keeps going with his plan

He grips her hair tightly

With his left hand


The pain in every thrust

Makes her see a light like in Heaven

This man is 17

This little girl is 7


After he is done

He says "shut up or i will kill you!"

So keep her mouth shut

Is something that she will do 


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