This Takes Time

Because I love myself,           

I no longer wait for life to begin

Understand that everything won't go my way 

And put my faith in my own hands   


You understand when I need space, time to myself 

That my brain is always on 100 

And my thoughts tend to consume me   


I overthink

I worry too much 

I'm stubborn 


But to you 

I have the biggest heart 

I care about everything I come into contact with 

I have more determination then any person you've met


Even on those days when nothing seems to be going right

We turn everything around and go left


Our love is a never ending rollercoaster 

with countless ups and downs   

They may call love a silly game   

But it's a game I plan on winning   


We took a trip to heaven, but got stranded in hell some time ago

And took every painful step to get out 

We had to learn what love was before we could continue building ours


Through the good and the bad   

Accepted me at my low, as much as you do at my high 

They don't call them growing pains for nothing


We make silly mistakes   

have the stupidest arguments   

but we always laugh about it later


We learn from them

accept them

and then continue loving each other


Your aspirations and dreams are mine

And mine are yours

You are the moon that brightens my darkest nights 

As I'm the sun that shines through your cloudest days


Our love is confusing and has no explination 

It's work and play all in one


We've grown together physically and mentally 

And still are


You're there for me 

And I'm there for you 

Because I love    

This poem is about: 
My family


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