Take you away

Take you away

by Sandrajohnsonj on June 6, 2021.  © Sandra Johnson, All rights reserved

I long to kiss your lips,move on to our neck. Whispering i love you baby in your ear. Look in to your beautiful brown eyes with all the love that i hold in side.
Then continue kissing you inch by inch. Wile slowly ever  gently touching every inch of your skin.
Kissing and feeling you're body agenst mine. Slowly moving down a little more.
Making you crave me having to have me.

Wondering when I'm finally going to reach that spot, causing you to become so hot.
Then here i finally go.
I'm there and teasing you making you moan and groan like you have never done before.
Taking your breath away, causing you to feel week,having you quivering  and shivering and saying yes oh baby yes this Time i think i have been my very best.
And then I want to lay my head upon your beautiful breasts. Having them in my mouth making a so wet.. Causing you to want me to start all over again.
Having you beg me please bay please make me feel like you have never made me feel before.
I need to have you finish this please i can't stand waiting for you to take me to my highest ecstasy.

So then here we go again kissing and making love like no love has ever been.
Over and over again you get to have it any time night or day all you have to do is tell me that you need me and want me To take you away.

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My family
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