Take a Stand

Take a stand…

a stand against society

a stand against social order

a stand against the system

when the wool is pulled over your eyes

it is your duty to look through the tiny hole!

when they tell you sit...stand

when they tell you ignore...listen

when they tell you keep silent.. scream

when the system feeds you that institutionalised BS..bite through it


So this is MY STAND

a stand against the racism

a stand against criminal injustice

a stand against silence

when you tell me i'm too black...i hit you with my blackness

when you tell me my hijab is ‘out of place’...i wear the brightest one

when you tell me my femininity means being a housewife...i work my shift from 9-5

so i take my stand, in many ways

i take it with a smile

i take it with a laugh

but mostly i take it with an attitude!

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