Take Myself

I look out my window on the top floor of the building,

I watch the rain as it drips down the window,

It looks like the roof would be slippery tonight,

A voice rings inside my head,

Be careful, there could be an accident


I'm thirsty, the powers out now, the rain keeps on dripping,

Its dark outside, it would be hard to see the edge of the roof wouldn't it?

The voice rings out again,

Be careful, you wont be seen 


Its dark, its wet, no one will be out right now,

The conditions, their perfect, I could do it,

The voice, its quiet now,

Only my conscience remains,


I walk out my door and close it, silently,

I hate myself, my conscience says,

I climb the stairs, I am awfully close to the top floor, the roof is only two flights up,

I hate myself,

I open the roof door, the night air hits me like an autumn breeze, cool and humid,

I hate myself,

I was right, the edge of the roof is hard to see, its slippery, an accident could easily happen,

I Hate Myself, 

my conscience is louder now, my head, it hurts,

I hate myself, I hate myself, I hate myself,

I take a step more, I am right on the edge now, why is this taking so long?

I hate myself, I hate myself, I'll take myself,

I take the last step and my conscience repeats once more,

I hated myself, I took myself, I killed myself,

I wish I never did...

This poem is about: 
Our world


Mrs. H20House

Very insightful. As with your writing, you pull the reader in. Great job!

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