Take Me With You


United States
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His words are beautiful,

His words are plain,

Does it matter if they’re crazy or sane?


I want to show the whole world

In just the chance that they would see

That all of his words were actually meant for me.


Is this real life?

Can this be true?

His dedicated eloquence is something so new.


His blue eyes sparkle

His sweet smile shines

His soul is one of the most beautiful kinds.



He’s extraordinary inside and out

Is this real life how can it be

That someone so special actually liked me.


The sun is now setting as times start to change

Between us the distance expands like its shade

And all I pray is his memories won’t fade


Now that its over, now that im gone

I hope that in your heart you carry a piece of me

Through your travels and back home with thee.


After all of these words

I hope you now know

And take me with you wherever you go.



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