take me as i am

i dread the break of dawn

with it it brings heat ache

i wonder what i did wrong

to deserve the disapproved look

the piercing insults you hurl at me

don't you ever tire from it all?


do you ever think of yourself?

when you were in college

that cute boyfriend your class?

i am at that position now

but now i am a mother to be

expectant  with hope and love.


i might be a fat tennager now

but in three months i will be back

looking all lean and young again

she hurts when you speak ill of her

she might be kicking when you yell

cry when you insult me in public.



 but she is my treassure

 the gift from my maker

 i will not quit school

the glares i can withstand

 pregnancy is not a disease

but a blessing in disguise,


you might see me as a slut

but i was raped on my prom

you might point your fingers

but in me rests  an angel

give me my space and time

and treat me like i deserve



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