Take me as I am


Take me as I am or leave me as I go.

I am who I am,

Not who you want me to be.

The person that you see was not chosen by me.

The God that lies above exclusively chose the features and color of my body. 

Skin color shouldn't be a factor in society's discrimination. 

You call it black? 

I call it beauty.

You've categorized me under a false category. 

I am an African American. 

I am not black nor am I ghetto. 

For black is a color darker than my skin

And ghetto is a form of living not lived by me.

Call it like you see it, not how they do.


You claim society as troubled but yet look.

Look who.

Look who you are a part of.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Different cultures have discreet ways of living

And you've taken every aspect of hatred and portrayed it.

Every meaningless word formed on your lips means something to someone. 

Every imbecillic action abducts happiness from the life of someones

Every asinine thought forces malignance out.

Out of your soul.

I have accepted my skin color

I have accepted my personality

I have not accepted the iniquitous ways of society

I have not accepted the iniquitous ways of you.

Do you not care? 

Do you not care about the fact that I sit in the corner contemplating every name you called me?

Do you not care that I cry myself to sleep at nights t because of your mischief. 

I refuse.

I refuse to let someone else's sadness be my glory.

I refuse to sit and watch.

I refuse to let you continue to degrade me.

I refuse.

I refuse to be you.

So take me as I am or leave me as I go.


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