Take Me Back

Take me back

to innocence,

to the time of

childish dreams

when my only worry

was if I could wear

a tutu to school.

Take me back

to the time

when I didn’t have

society on my back

about everything.

Be pretty.

Be skinny.

Be popular.

Be anybody

you want,

but don’t you

dare be someone

who doesn’t

fit our standards.

You can be you,

but you can’t

at the same time.

I don’t even remember

what happy truly means.

Take me back

to the time

when I was afraid

of the dark

before I discovered

the darkness was

already inside me.

Take me back

to the time

I learned to swim.

Maybe then

I’ll learn how

to stop the

drowning within.

Take me back

to when my life

was purer than gold

for my days are

heavy and gray

as I grow old.

Some days,

I don’t want to breathe.

Please, take me back

to when I was free.

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