Take A Good Look At Me

Take A Good Look At Me! As I shout out to the people that stare so deeply at me. What do you see? When you look at me. They say you are beautiful young lady with a beautiful a smile.

Sadly the people that say that are normal strangers that walk these streets that  I use to skip faithful without a care in the world as a child. To the people that are close to me see something different in me.

They say that I am just another person who has her head stuck in the clouds and not in reality. But I learned so much about myself that I am not that person. When I look at me I see a young strong black independent mother who is only pushing her future so her child can live through his present. They say that I just going to settle that my dream will never last but all the negativity is just like them old pair of shoes that you wore so faithfully it is in the past.

I have press my way through the negative comments as though I press my way through a stuffy crowd to see what successful people that been where I been see. It is beautiful like a new pair of shoes that fit comfortable on my feet as I walk down this road of success in between the streets of I made it and I did this and to my home of true gratefulness.

Now I ask the question Take A Good Look At Me!! What do you see? When you look at me. Because what I see is important to me and I love what I see!

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