Take Care

Take away your right to drive, 

Then you get mad 'cause you don't try,

To fix these habits in your life,

That could kill you or take someone's wife. 


These dangerous substances that man has created, 

Fill your body and make you intoxicated,

Let it seep in, now you're faded,

Get behind the wheel, tomorrow you're hated. 


Put that phone down! What's going through your mind?

You think texting and driving will be "just fine,"

So you dare put someone else's life on the line?

What you don't know is there won't be a next time. 


Now you've done it, how awful does it feel?

For some reason this situation just got real,

If it was someone you loved, how would you heal?

Life is a gamble, it's time to make a deal. 


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