Tainted Muse

Tue, 08/04/2020 - 08:38 -- ishana

Lay down with those soft cerulean eyes, 

Darling Beauty, Darling True, 

And let me paint you like the skies, 

For my tainted brush sees none but you. 


Violet red and indigo blue, 

In different lights of different moons,

All forms of your beauty, a different hue, 

Engrave my hearts with words I do swoon. 


Exorcise my demons, battle my sins,

Conquer my mind with glances you infuse,

Your treacherous words nourish my corrupted skin, 

And heed my thoughts of tireless abuse. 


Darling beauty, darling of mine, 

With your heavenly breath of death and sky, 

Paint me under a million stars as they do shine, 

And sing the sweet tune of your eternal lullaby. 


Sing me a tune of disobedience and pain, 

And your eyes alight with heavenly fire, 

For you are my own warming sun and pouring rain, 

And inconsistent weather you bring my mind to inspire. 


Devil by day, angel by night, 

Wings with winds of impenetrable duress,

Under glimmering stars and pale moonlight, 

You become my unyielding goddess. 


Sweetheart of wonder with tears of wine,

The tempts of my heart with love I diffuse,

Below the light of night, grace my lustreless shrine, 

And succumb to become, my adored swain, my beloved muse.

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