I see this girl all alone and wonder why? So I go up to her and ask are you okay?She replies by saying leave me alone! I didn't know how to react so I began to slowly walk away. Then she stopped me and says “African booty scratcher”. What?! She repeats it. “African booty scratcher”. What is that supposed to mean?  That's what I get called at school!  This is the life of TAG.  I woke up this morning feeling great I realized I had school  I had to rush so I wasn’t late.But wait, why should I go there? No one likes me.Why am I different? African booty scratcher,  oh you live in a hut, yall poor, You sleep with the Lions+Zebras  and worst of them all  do you speak African?NO I DO NOT!!  All of Africa isn’t poor, only some places are.Being African is beautiful My skin is beautiful I am beautiful inside and outWhen they say those things I just want to shoutI mean what the hell is an African booty scratcher anyway?An African that scratches their booty for fun?You people are funny because you love saying false information about Africans but never talk bad about yourselves. Let me know when you're done doing what you think is fun.A: AmazingF: Fantastic R: RaceI: ImportantC: CulturalA: AfricaOh by the way that dashiki you wearing It's mine it's African just like me

This poem is about: 
My community


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