The System

You claim that I do not want to listen to reasoning,
But you never speak the truth.
I am not accepted in your clique because I disagree with your evil schemes.
You think I am a slow learner,
But what you teach is not worth learning.
I do not have to listen to what you say because I can see what you do.
You keep promoting prejudice and stigma in the society.
You are nothing but a discriminator,
A victimizer, a liar and a thief!
What makes you think that I would trust you or believe anything that you say?

You sold me an expensive key that does not fit any lock.
You taught me to knock on a door that never opens.
How can I survive in your little beehive?
You keep milking my sweat in the name of taxes,
And you fill my head with empty promises.
I do not take chances with corrupt people like you.
You gave me nothing of value,
But you took away everything from me.
You label me lazy and unwilling when all you pay me is a useless shilling.
It is clear that you are an opportunist and an exploiter.
I am tired of your false preaching and wrangling.
Go and clean up your judicial system!
Your so-called justice is far too complicated.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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