Droplets streaked across the foggy pane;

‘Twas so fragile, but it never knew pain.  

And streaming from my eyes, down my synthetic skin,

Comes memories alive again.  


I can see it now-

All that wasn’t there before

Until I opened up the door to you.  

You shook the ground before me and

The walls crumbled down,

The ceiling took me over - took us over.  

Descending all around,

The structure for which I’d broken the fall shatters.  

I can’t help but remember.  


The Everyday projects onto me.  

I see, but I cannot believe;

I feel, but I cannot repeal;

I smell the bitterness before I taste it,

But I cannot bring up the nerve to waste it

Because I hear the voice inside my head

Echoing the same fearsome threat:

“Don’t let go.  Never forget.  

If you do, I’ll make sure you lose your head.  

It would seem you wouldn’t need it anyway,

Having no capacity for memory.”  


Through the travail and the toil,

To no avail, the memories

Pushed on through although unwelcome;

I wasn’t prepared for the outcome.  

The downpour

Curtained the surface of the pain,


But it saturated the pane

To which it crashed down.  

Crash in my sensory perception;

Symptoms are: faulty detection,

Confusion in my recollection,

And the colors!  

I feel pain in red, know June as blue.  

The others, they don’t know.  Only you do!  


I can feel you now -

You are the same as before.  

It isn’t safe to ignore it;

If I do, then you’ll change

And I’ll forget.  

It’ll take me over - take us over -

The brittle edge

That I have fallen over - again, over and over.  

You’ve broken my fall,


But you’ve projected onto me

An emotion that I cannot see;

A number, which I cannot feel,

Of stimuli that none can hear -

It’s my intuition that lets

Me grasp your message and never forget

The pain that it’s meant to let on.  

Sadly, all I hear is a disconsolate song.  


Droplets streaked across our monotone faces -

Until then, we had not known pain -

And streaming like invisible data,

Memories come to die again.  



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