Repeat on repeat i cannot think why is it that can't is always on my mind is it because i feel dead inside i know i cannot hide from the facts that when i look up to the skies my heart feels dry do i belong? Or is this the begininng of a society song just telling us that we need to be symmetrical to the rest what is the rest am i the rest fall to rest we, they are not the best the best doesn't have to show everyone inside, that they are a mess. We can hold in emotions till they throw up all over the floor. Kick them out the door , do feelings belong here! Or do they just bring tears show me your fears what are you scared of. Being symmetrical to the rest i am not the best but i can hold my own with no shame shown my mind is blown that they want a world of simple Joes, tape around the closed, closed mouths we cannot speak?! We do not have that right is what your telling me right i will fight for my right to bring my freedom to the light we all will be different in our own ways but why do they choose to put that on delay? why does long hair or a skinny body make you who you are . Are you made of plastic or synthetic ? dont do it you'll regret it when you prove we all are supposed to be the same then i will come and play the same game until then, i am not symmetrical nor parrallel i am me, with all my twist and turns, kinks and curves. flaws and all today, i will not fall. 








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