Sun, 04/07/2013 - 17:42 -- NatBad


United States
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The two of us have switched places
Despite what you see
I've become my brother
and he is really me

I've never been funny,
The smart one, always, at best
But now my jokes are laughed at
and my brother is the outcast

Once before I was in second place
Running behind my social opposite,
But now the underdog has risen-
he is cut off from his best wit

Unable to face the failure,
My brother turns away
To face the others and makes
Consistency go astray

But his appearance is gaunt
His personality demeaned,
He's moody and taunts
Now he rarely ever beams

Switched beyond comparison
Brings me time to worry
My brother's life is threatened
As once mine was

Despite the pains, my brother
Breathe on, mirror, and thrive
Overcome, young badger, difficult times
But above all: Survive.

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