Many of you might associate a sweetener with cooking

or with a certain amount of pumps you get at Starbucks


But I think of it as the sweetener Ariana Grande refers to 


He is the sweetener to all the bitterness in my life

When I am with him, my anxiety is gone, my skin is clear, my mind is calm; 

I am not self-conscious around him

I can be myself, for he does not judge

I can finally breathe when he is by my side. My lungs do not shrivel, and my shoulders do not tense. 

I do not shake

I feel stable

I am not scared


He doesn't even have to say anything for me to feel comfortable

His company is sufficient

We could be 10 feet apart, yet I'd feel fine, knowing he'd look out for me


I cry more often than I want to admit, and I have cried in front of him

But I'm learning how to manage my emotions, how to tell people to stop hitting me up, how to put myself first. 


He is selfless

He knows how hard my life is, and he doesn't ask me to tell him what's going on

He only tells me he hopes I am talking to someone

because he wants me to take care of my mental health 


He is sweet

and opens up doors for me when he can 


But most importantly, more than just being sweet, he is the sweetener to my life when things fall apart

I want to thank him for taking on that role when he has no obligation to me


Thank you 

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