Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea.....You know? That Sweeeeet Tea so good you gotta stare at it after taking a sip? That "mm mmm good, freezing drop of heaven on a hot summer day" tea? And what a better person than my grandma, Sweetie, than to serve me my first glass of real tea! It ain't taste like Lipton everytime her brown eyes pierce through my  brown skin. I was told that my candy brown skin, not burning, almost carmalizing in the raze was to much for her to raise, because to her, light skin was the crave. But she loves you-she's family! No! Even when I moved out of state my state of mental estate was still at stake. I just don't get it; how can a black woman hate a black woman because she's a black woman?

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My family
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In black communities race is still a big physoclogical  obstacle for us to prevail over. Light skin African Americans are treated one way and Brown or Darkskin blacks are treated another. The discrimination hurts a little more when it's from family. This is my story. 

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