Sweet Serenity.


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United States
38° 4' 11.2008" N, 88° 8' 55.1652" W


Rain dripped down my face as we walked.
Your presence beside me screamed so loud
It made my head fuzzy.
I could feel the fluttery aches in my stomach,
And the scarlet blotches on my face. 
As the giggle escaped from your lips
My mouth turned upward with happiness.
The others suddenly reappeared 
And reality set in again.
Water was everywhere, my jeans stuck
To my legs, and my shoes were soaked.
All of our sticky hair cupped our heads and 
The drenched walk seemed never ending.
It never felt like that with you though; 
Time was always slipping away,
And going too fast.
I seemed to never get enough
Of you, no matter what.
It was at that point I knew for sure
What you had done to me.
My life; forever changed.
Seeing your face, 
Hearing your laugh,
And looking up into your brown eyes
Always felt safe.
You were my addiction, my drug.
No hunger or sadness was ever felt around you. 
You were my natural high and what I craved,
Still crave, for every day.
I would run to only you, sprinting for the 
Escape from reality for a short time.
The way you hugged me was home and
Your laugh was paradise.
My excited knee bounced all the way
To your house and would shake the car
With anxiousness.
You were my everything.
But you broke my heart. 
Shattered it into a million different pieces. 
Just a simple thought of you now creates 
A void in my chest.
It's like a sinkhole, 
Yearning for the sweet serenity of wholeness.
When I see you now, the wind whips out of my lungs,
Making me gasp for air. 
And even when you're not there,
I see you.
You're everywhere you're not and the 
Memories constantly crash my thoughts.
I'm drowning in my own tears, 
And the deep, dark, abyss that is now my mind.
All I wanted from you, was you.
For you to hear me.
To be heard.




This is really, really good!

Also, fellow Carmian?


I dont know what carmian is haha I'm sorry! But thank you so much!

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