Sweet Mint Tea

The smell of sharp mint from delicate plants,

the tiny roly polies crawling on the cement, and

the worry-free laughter of children as they play

are all lost to the girl with a heavy heart.


The smell of dirty dishes in the sink,

the ants scavenging on the unswept floor,

and the sound of sad music as it plays

are all the girl with the lost heart has now.


She wants it all back now as she

listens to the children play as she walks past,

watches the roly polies from atop her bike,

and smells the tiny mint plants planted in the yard.


What was lost can’t be regained,

and the girl doesn’t deny this, but

she picked the tiny mint leaves anyway

in hopes that the sweet mint tea will taste the same.

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P. Parra

Dear Bird,


I'm a musician and I wanted to ask you if it would be possible for me 

to write a song -or a piece of music- with your Sweet Mint Tea poem as the lyrics.

It is the first time I am in this situation, so I do not know the legal aspects

of intelectual property or anything related, but I can ask some colleages and find out.

I'm from Spain -and I'm living on my country- but the song or the piece

would be dedicated -I do not know if performed but I hope so-

by an American singer in the United States..



P. Parra



The Bird

Dear P. Parra,

I feel honored by your request. Please feel free to use my poem.

In terms of intelectual propery and such, please just credit the lyrics as Taylor Hall.

If you ever upload the music online, please post a link  in the comments as I would love to listen to it.


The Bird

P. Parra

Hello, and thanks for your answer and for letting me use your poem!

I want to write this song as a gift for two friends. 

I do not know if at the end it will be performed or not.

That is not of much importance to me.

But if it will, it will take place in concerts in the US.


I will tell you if that happens but in anycase,

I would like to send you the song and the sound file when I finished it.

Nowadays we can have a nice rendering using real sounds with a computer.

-unfurtunatelly, the voice sounds will not pronounce the actual words-



P. Parra

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