Sweet Melodies

Sat, 09/21/2013 - 19:34 -- 14beck


You see the vibrant colors of the falling leaves.

Feel the ever increasing breeze slip past your face.

The smells of pumpkin pies and caramel apples float in the air.

You bite into the crisp, juicy Red Delicious apple and taste the sensational sweet, salty, and sticky caramel.

Bustling crowds all around. Listen closely... You hear.. Nothing...

This is nothing new for you.

This is your life.

Since you gulped in your first breath of air.

But with the help of a life changing aid... Listen closely... You hear... "What is that?"...

You can hear! Glorious sounds!

Everything is an adventure, new and bursting with exuberant life.

A world, previously unchartered, unlocked for your pleasure. 




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