sweet little Alice


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I once knew a girl who was full of life,
Would go dancing in the moonlit night,
She use to believe in the power of fireflies,
But it looked like her dreams were meant to die,
She followed the "rabbit" down the deep hole,
All her innocence tried but they seem they couldn't hold,
They began strip away leaving Alice completely cold,
And she began to forget what she was told,
In this wonderland, it seems that the young always die,
In this wonderland, there is no more meaning to time,
In this wonderland, the magic and hopes were all lies,
In this wonderland, she told her innocence a good bye,
Meeting the mad hatter she began to fall in love,
Too bad the fantasy was shattered with a 'broken glove',
She prayed to the heavens but no one seem to hear above,
As days past she seemed to feel inside of her a fluttering dove,
The Queen of hearts felt sympathy and tried to help her,
But it seems no matter what she was scarred and burn,
The rabbit tried to help and with time tried to turn,
But it seems that Alice has yet to learn,
She finally met the Cheshire cat who sat there and grinned,
"It seems you have finally realize your sins",
And with that he pulled out her old friend the syringe,
Alice gasped and felt very sick but the Cheshire saw her cringe,
"There's no escape in Wonderland, my dear Alice,
In this world, rules no longer matter and there is no balance,
The only thing you can do now is your hold baits,
Who knows? Maybe it will be considered a talent!"
And like that Alice became all alone in Wonderland,
Tried as she may but it may seem she will never understand...
Alice in Wonderland, you may never escape my little tarty,
All because of that silly 'tea party',
So since your stuck here kick up your feet and relax,
Because that cup of tea may be your last...

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