I say, I had a sweet epiphany about a girl named Tiffany, & Tho You Don't exist, girl I'd love to get a glimpse of thee You show my heart the sympathy Of a cancer patient, thats how our kids should be... & no matter how i picture thee, Your beauty will always pin to me...& I can say this, but it mean that, but never will i end what we have built within my fantasies I mean that to the first degree, So I'm burning like  a ring of fire 360 Degrees & we'll be at it forever, no fucking, so its no fatigue i wanna be loved like a new born baby, But damn girl, your love is driving me crazy, Like yes, no, or maybe, No Other will phase me,KUZ I know your forever mine, But man its just so crazy ... how, I can love you so much, & tho I've never met you, I have this skin deep inkling, that i will not regret you, I'll let my tongue wet you,  I'll cook , clean & respect you, I'll buy you any & everything, & if it breaks, buy a new set, Boo But,Never will i sweat you...or ever, ever neglect you, I'll put my love for you first, no need for rehearse, & I know i'm not the best, but I'm way too far from the worst, & you'll never be on the side of me, KUZ Wit me, your always first, You'll never have to ask for anything, I'll slip money in your purse...Trues On, Plain Shirt, From Dusk Till dawn, put my knees in the dirt, Will you marry me? For through life I Will Carry thee, WAIT !! Lemme slow back, before a heart-attack overcomes...& be the reason you have to bury me. The perfect woman deserves R-E-S-P-E-C-T But are you really P-E-R-F-E-C-T or are you just a fantasy, a desire, or the remedy of what my wont's & dont's should be, Ms.Tiffany, or are you what i want for me, The angel by day, devil by night, Look into your eyes & my mind takes flight...Type? KUZ baby, I Know I'm young, but my minds ripe, & no I'm not a heart doctor, or a love hype, But as i Look at you , I look into air, Because you not there & my hearts in despair,KUZ love floats like a butterfly, & sting like a bee But let cupid shoot the next Mrs.C-O-L-E *giggles, clears throat* I Say, I Had a sweet epiphany About a girl named Tiffany, & tho you don't exist, girl I love the way you been to me & let you turn out kin to me, I Curse the fact that you ran into me, But even If it was in a short, 3 minute dream,Dont Wake me up...Lemme live forever within this,*SWEET EPIPHANY....*

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