Sweet Dreams

Mon, 08/28/2017 - 07:11 -- rehmans

Once upon a time, there lived

a beautiful maiden name Snow White

She resided in a house with seven dwarves

Her skin was as white as snow and 

her succulent, candy cane lips were as red as blood. 

One day, while she was busy doing her house chores

she heard someone knocking on her door

She approached the door slowly and asked who was it

But no one answered

She asked again but she still didn't get a response

It was dead silent 

All that could be heard was the creaking floorboards 

as Snow White edged forward towards the door

Then she proceded to open the door when.....

Behold! It was a strapping, young and handsome Prince

The Prince's jaw dropped wide open 

as he had never laid eyes on such enchanting beauty before

Snow White stood there completely still and 

flashed her piercing eyes at the Prince

The Prince then slowly placed his hand against his chest 

He could feel it skipping a beat 

Cupid's arrow had well and truly struck his heart

At that very moment, it was as if the world stood still

They gazed into each others eyes and felt a deep, emotional connection

It was like they had finally find the one they had been longing for

Two star cross lovers had finally been intertwined

They were just within a lip's distance away from each other..

Then, they almost inevitalby

Embraced each other and locked lips 

Fireworks were setting off around them

Sparks were flying and love was in the air

But then...

she woke up

The end


This poem is about: 
Our world


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