Sweet, Dear, Alice

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named, Alice.Her family was rich, and they lived in a palace. Everything they wanted was always there,But this girl, named Alice, did not care. She was not happy. She was not sad.Her older sister tried to make her glad.She tried to accept, Alice's emotional fatality,After all, she had Schizoid Personality. "What does this mean", you may ask.Alice found no pleasure in her daily task.She felt numb to the world outside.She felt numb, but she never cried. But this girl, named Alice, had a secret.A world of her own was her treatment. Away from all her older sister's scheming,Alice had Maladaptive Daydreaming. She created a world entirely her own.This world became her one true homeThere were blue caterpillars that smoked all dayAnd a mad hatter with much to say. There was a white rabbit she followed aroundAnd an evil queen with a beautiful crown.There were twins; Tweedledee and Tweedledum.  In this world, Alice did not feel numb. Most of her days were spent in this, Wonderland,While her family noticed her daydreaming was out of hand.How would they save their sweet and dear, Alice?How would they get her to come back to the palace? They tried for years to save the girl,But Alice and Wonderland, would not unsnarl.She was lost in the world, in her mind.She was lost and would never be refined. They placed her in a mad house, to live forever.Alice and Wonderland simply stayed together.To her family, this ending is quite sad.But for Alice, this ending isn't half bad. 


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