Sweet Bitter Love

Dearest one,

I Love You

You don't know how much those three words mean to me

they cut deeper than any swords

etching your name in my blood

my DNA screaming for your touch

And so I try!

I try to shout,

"Where'd you go!"

but I fail

My lips sealed without yours to unlock them

And so I look for you with my hands,

my fingers searching and trying to feel

but they are frozen and numb without your embrace

my body slowly losing its heat without your body's warmth to replenish it

my lungs rapidly expanding and closing as they suffocate in panic

unable to inhale your scent,

your perfume!

and so the moments begin to slide by

announcing the obvious,

I lost!

my eyes closing

your face becoming my world

as my eyelids engulf my vision

every inch of you burned behind them.

And then,

my consciousness of you begins to leave me.

everything we were, blirring past my mind

One... Last... Time...

As I say goodbye

But there is something wrong,

Death doesn't come


If my insides are on fire

twisting and squirming

thrashing about, looking for an escape

from this hell that is my agony!

Come, I say

Come for me!

Dam you death, where are you!

And there it is...

Not death, but what's keeping it at bay


There, you, are

What a fool I was

hiding in plain sight

the best hiding place,

my heart

Some how,

with all the cracks it has endured

you hold it together,

even when you cause hundreds of more to appear

I guess Love is just equally

a fool!

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