Swallowed by the void but saved by the love of a mother

What do you desire above all?

What is it that you need the most of all my love?

My great love for you has caused me to fall

My adoration as fragile as a your spirit


I long desperately to fill your void

As dark and vast though they may be

I will forever try till destroyed

Oh, my love how I long for you to see


Grasping for what your heart desires most

my heart, my soul, my very being given to you

In nothing else will I be able to boost

But love, for there is nothing I wouldn’t do


You say you’ll never be happy

And my child, neither will I

As long as you remain

In the void

Green Pills

A therapist with a warm smile

My heart aches in hope,

they will help my darling

We eat your favorite foods

And we stay up till dawn talking

There is crying too

But never without a tight embrace


You’re better now

Days can still be bad

And tears are okay

But now you’re you again

Many years later you ask if I remember

I could never forget the swallowing void

You asked how we got through it

Why I never gave up

My only words were

Because I love you


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My family
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