Susie Travers Dean

Susie Travers Dean wore lots of antique green enamel;

Over her multicolored polka dot vest made of flannel.

Her hair was tightly pulled back in a pony partially undone;

For she was much more invested in just having fun.

However, her attire was noteworthy & left much to desire;

Even to a bag lady who had food all over & ate by a fire.

For Susie, you can say suffered from something quite mental;

Unlike anyone else, surely not in the least parental.

“You want some gingerbread?” she whispered incessantly;

Until you had to say “goodbye” quite the necessity.

She claimed to be a psychic empowered to read you;

But she was not an empath at all, entirely too true.

One day she met a man who walked a rabbit on a leash;

Together they shared eternal bliss and smoked Turkish hashish.

However, you would have never once have even guessed;

That this woman would find another, particularly one undressed.


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