The one thing I have taken out of life is that it is 


I have had awful things happen to me in my life.

Some of those things seemed so unbearable.

When you're a little girl experiencing the hurt of an adult,

nobody realizes just how damaging it is.

Nobody thinks to check if you're okay until you can't hide the pain 


You grow up with this ache in your chest and it hurts more than

any bruise or broken bone you've ever had.

Then you're a teenage girl and that same ache is still there.

Except this time it's worse because you start to understand why

it's there and why it won't leave. 

You hurt worse than when you were a little girl and everything is

just a little too much. 

Then one day you realize something. 

You realize that that ache has controlled your whole life. 

You let the past define every single moment of the future. 

You let what that little girl wanted go because you

had that ache to hold onto.

You realize that the ache won't leave for awhile or 

maybe it never will.

But it is survivable.

Everything that happened, everything that hurt you, everything 

that intensified that ache, 

it's all survivable. 




This poem is about: 
My family


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