The Surrender

Darkness, blackness, perfect light

Hiding is harder in the night

Running, gasping, try to breath

Close your eyes and count to three

Blinking, searching, trying to see

Is there a light left out there for me?


Screaming, kicking, it’s all a fight

Just one more and it will be alright

Chilling, coldness creeping in

Sometimes you can’t fight to win

Moon and sun, fire and ice

Maybe I’m my only vice.


Running, hiding, let me be

But everywhere it follows me,

Quiet, alone don’t say a word,

Who will care if I am heard?

Scared, alone what can I do?

No one cares not even you.


Crying, choking, it’s time to go

Wave the flag, I’ve hit my low

Begging, pleading, too tired to fight

Time to turn out the lights and say goodnight

Sleeping, sleeping peacefully

Nothing left for you to see


Darkness, blackness, no more light,

Hiding was harder in the night,

Running, gasping, tried to breathe

Closed my eyes and counted to three

Blinking, searching, to finally see

There was no light left for me.



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