Surrender 2 The Moment

Wed, 08/11/2021 - 10:09 -- Wired6

Writing, Is a Lonely experience. Hard, Living as 'One'. Harder still, 2 live a day-to-day existence, With no meaning to hang on...... All priority is focused. 2 write, 2 write, 2 write. A poem here, A poem there, Is not enough. U got 2 daily write. Your new drug is not Rock-n-Roll, But writing from your soul. Never ending inquiry,of the never ending soul.. In a fundamental sense,writing alone is just and right. Silence of the T. V, The radio, The social media, The people in your life, You have 2 keep quiet It's hard 2 write a good poem, Beginner or experienced. How do you know? How do you know, Your poem is from the depths of your soul? I guess the more you write,eventually,you'll critically surmise. Spending night after night,with open/ shut eyes. Everyone interprets a poem differently. People may relate 2 one, Believing in the feeling. The poem and the reader become 'One.' A poem gives voice 2 a readers feelings, For the words of a poem, Expose, Hidden, Unknown, 2 none. Metaphors, Smilies, Symbols. Red,an image in the readers mind. Imagination, Imagination, Imagination, Soars and flies so high. Poetry is extraordinary. They enchant, And surprise us all the time. Some we understand, Some,may take time 2 enter our minds. But ultimately, Their unwavering commitment 2 delight, Will survive. Time, After Time, After Time. ©10/08/2021. Wired6.


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