There goes the bomb like they knew it would

 like it's Vietnam

 like the Boston Marathon uh oh sound the alarm

They rigged it up from the start

And ended it at the finish

Some poor bastards ended up getting blown to smither


They hid a bomb in the white house to demolish the POTUS

They didn't think that we noticed their ulterior motives

They wonder how to explode us

With no amount of control it's

Impossible to blow away this ocean of loafers

All these fuckin emotions

Get me up in the morning

So that everyday I say 'fuck the world' and get going

Will is corroded, so that we can't get back into action

Cuz we're fuckin activists, what we say has no traction

We automatically pick sides with who lost the election

I think its cause our lives have got no direction

So come on hop off the Fence

And let the rapin commence

I know that you ain't that dumb you know you cannot Recompense

My will to fight is Immense

So anybody with sense

Should back off of my dick before I split off all their pretense



Look at you now, bitch you thought that you could get me in court

Like I had no excuse to screw you, you could come get some more

You tried to prove that you're hard, and wound up dead in the b'iness (business)

The fuckin lunatic is scared of getting shown to the witness

I asked them how to get out


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