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I can't help but look at the beautiful things around me and feel like something's missing. I see a big home, wonderful treasures, and glamourous sentiments. But there's a hole, for which I can clearly see through and cant help but want to close it before it's the last of me. 

Then something happens when the prints of our ID touch,  like a magnetic presence comes upon the two halves of my heart and bring them together. When you press against me and grasp my embrace, I feel the thread and needle go hard to work sewing the veins transporting blood through my body. 

As the tulips gentle connection is made, the broken pieces of the present is glued together to make a better past and a more promising future.  The melted gold beam of the sun comes down upon you as the fire of love burns from your heart throbbing brown eyes, that I disintegrate in when I look at you. 

But who ARE you?

I know

Your the man I had sleepless nights about, drowning in the depths of my sorrow, hoping you could take the pain away. The man I spent hours on hand, singing my life to, even though you weren't there. The one I cross my fingers to bruises, wishing that the endless pain I felt would vanish at one glance. The guy that I see myself successful with because you help me push reach the peak of my intelligence and determination. Him who I see holding my hand on a clear water beach, standing on our sandy stage, rocking to the sounds of the ocean and nature, the sunset as our spotlight, watching the orange and pink skies because we found the eternal peace and harmony that we helplessly killed ourselves, physically and emotionally, to get. Yea that's who you are.

My soulmate <3. 

So now that the pieces of my life have slowly fallen in place, the only thing left is filling that hole, but the only thing to do to fix this is having you forever, the morphine to the surgery taking place.


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