To Support Herself

To support her life, she had to sell herself.

She spent those long, horrible hours with strangers.

With no respect from her peers or kin

She had to eat her food out of can made of tin.

Her body gets thinner everyday while it gets decorated black and blue.


To support herself, she had to free herself.

Running from that place she used to call home,

She never had time to catch her breath.

With that life behind her- here is this new way.

But it's not the way she wanted.

She escaped the flying hands only to be trapped by the darkness and dirty air.

She lays on the curb- body bare.


To support herself, she had to keep herself.

Not once did those eyes water. 

Not once did those wounds open.

Not once did she decide to end it all.

But what life is this for her?

She knows of no other.


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